RECORDS MANAGEMENT is an important organisational function that focuses on management of records throughout its life cycle. Are you ready to acquire the skills to manage your records productively and securely? Library & Archives Solutions Private Limited proudly presents this 2-day training to help you meet your organisation’s needs for records management.

Who should attend:

The training is suitable for public officers who are directly or indirectly involved in records management.

Date: 14 to 15 Jan 2020
Time: 9am to 5pm


Venue: National Library Building
VBR, Level 1
100 Victoria Street
Singapore 188064

Course Fee of $750/person
(Limited to 30 participants)
Payment is non-refundable upon successful registration


Other upcoming sessions:
• 18 to 19 Feb 2020
• 4 to 5 Mar 2020

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Day One (Highlights)
AM What is Records Management (RM)?

What are public records?

Why you need to know about IM4L

What are the IM4L requirements?

PM Records Management Practices

File plan (incl. headings for supporting & core functions)

Steps to draft a file plan

Hands-on practice to draft a file plan

Day Two (Highlights)
AM Records Management Practices

What are micro and macro appraisals?

Understanding Records Retention Schedule (RRS)

Hands-on practice to complete the appraisal template

PM Considering RM as a whole and change management

Steps in the entire file plan and appraisal journey

Post-appraisal follow-up

Change management

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