Library Training


Libraries have traditionally served important functions for the communities they serve. As repositories of knowledge, they are essential places for anyone who wish to gain more knowledge, whether the casual learner or learned researchers. To improve the service quality of libraries, one must never overlook the role of librarians. Librarians acquire books for the library and manage the library collection. They manage library operations and ensure libraries run smoothly. They also have to run programmes and ensure that the library is a friendly place for the community to gather. In modern times, librarians have to be familiar with the latest library technology to help their patrons find resources online. They even have to be familiar with data analytics to ensure that the library collections are well-used.

At LAAS, we recognize the importance of librarians. We also understand that the job of a librarian is one that involves life-long learning by librarians themselves. Hence, we offer library training courses to help librarians stay up to date with the latest innovations and working methods.

Our courses include topics like acquisition and collection development, programmes, volunteer engagement, library operations, library innovations, library outreach, and even library business process reengineering.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB), one of LAAS’s strengths lies in our understanding of NLB’s expertise in managing libraries. We are confident that our training courses will be able to help your librarians run your libraries more efficiently. Please contact us for more details.

List of Training Courses

3 to 5 day courses depending on training topics


Seminar style with some exercises


Targeted at library professionals


A series of trainings covering topics such as

  • Collection Development
  • Programming
  • Volunteer engagement and management
  • Outreach
  • Library innovation
  • Cataloguing
  • Library operations
  • Outsourcing
  • Service concepts and library designs