Library Operations

We Deliver
Effective operations and management of libraries to provide hassle-free, productive and seamless user experiences for users so as to increase library utilisation. This allows libraries to achieve their goals of fulfilling the information and research needs of patrons, and to enrich and support their learning journeys in a manner that makes them want to use the libraries more after every library experience.

Bibliographic Services

Cataloguing and classification are critical functions that enable the organisation of and
access to a library’s collection through the catalogue

Circulation Services

Assisting users in Loan of items, Membership registration / renewal, Fines and fees collection
Reservations and Room bookings throughout the hours of operation

Collection Acquisition

Acquires materials in different formats: print, non-print, audio-video and multimedia and
electronic resources to supply trends alerts to our clients

Standard Operating Procedures

Effectively handle priorities and adhere to Library’s Standard Operating Procedures and Service Level Agreements to perform various tasks in the Library

Subscription of Resources

Liaising with publishing vendors regularly to understand the trends of information publishing and subscribe resources, periodical, e-resources relevant to Library

Other Library Services

Budget , Asset , Records Management
Info-Literacy Training, Library Tours
Stock Taking and Weeding of Library Resources
Talks and Exhibitions, Social Media Outreach